Get to know Ferry Asselbergs

Published: 20-10-2021

Ferry Asselbergs,

the man behind the @huisartsenchauffeur Instagram account

My name is Ferry Asselbergs and I have been working as a doctor’s driver for Broeder de Vries for over a year now. Before this job, I worked in many different areas and with many different demographics within the care sector, with a small stint of a few years working as an actor in between.

Strangely enough, before I got this job I didn’t know anything about the profession of doctor's driver. In fact, I wasn’t even aware it existed. I had seen the yellow Volvos before but had no idea who was driving them.
A friend who works in an emergency department tipped me off about this job when I told her I was looking for more of a challenge alongside my work in home care. After an open application to the Doktersdienst, I came to work at the post in Amersfoort and instantly felt right at home.

No shift is the same in this profession and you never know what you’re going to see. I love that dynamic. What I really like about our job is meeting new and interesting people during every visit. The fact that we enter their homes at a vulnerable time for them, and often in the intimacy of their own bedroom, is very special to me. I try to make a difference by acting respectfully and appropriately, and, if they’re present, also paying attention to the patient's next of kin. Acting as an assistant and learning from a case makes the work extremely gratifying to me.

"I continue to meet new people and learn new things, every shift and every visit."

I very quickly realised that very little is known about our profession and the workings of GP posts to most people. That, as well as my enthusiasm for my new job, was the reason to approach Broeder de Vries with the idea of creating more awareness via an Instagram account. The idea was received enthusiastically and the account @huisartsenchauffeur has since grown enormously in only a year's time.

This has also resulted in various fun and interesting projects, some of which I initiate myself, some of which I come across spontaneously. Broeder de Vries gives me the confidence and support to take up these projects. For example, last winter we held a photo competition resulting in many beautiful photos being sent in from all over the country. I’d say this is a project well worth repeating!

As I said above, Amersfoort is my regular post, but I also really enjoy working shifts at other posts and meeting new colleagues and GPs there. These shifts also provide fun content for my Instagram account, like during my recent shift at Maastricht and Heuvelland, where everything seemed to come together:
“Today I’m on duty in a brand new Hybrid Volvo XC60 and making visits to places I only know as a tourist. I then continue to one of our PR projects, where, together with my colleagues in Maastricht and two enthusiastic young film makers, we’re shooting a short film about the GP Centre. In this film, I get to take on the role of GP one more time, just as I did years ago for the TV show Flikken Maastricht.”

Through the Instagram account and the resulting projects, I love showing off the work we do and being a point of contact for those interested in our work and our company. I would like to thank all my fellow drivers for their contributions in the form of photos and tips, and I would like to thank Broeder de Vries for giving me the opportunities to make all this possible!



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