DMC Driving Proficiency Courses

Published: 05-03-2021


DMC Driving Proficiency Courses is a major provider of high quality driving proficiency training courses. We offer several practically oriented training courses, which we are able to do due to our experienced and fully certified instructors. These instructors have experience in driving emergency vehicles and understand the pressure under which drivers must operate. In addition, the instructors receive regular refresher training in the areas of legislation and regulations, driving skills, and coaching.


In addition to the high quality driving proficiency training, DMC Driving Courses also invests in its own vehicle fleet. We have at our disposal several Volvo model XC60 vehicles, Ford Transit ambulances, and Mercedes Sprinter ambulances for both the B and C1/C drivers’ licences. Naturally, all our vehicles meet the legal requirements.


We love fostering a relationship with our clients that allows us to take care of our clients’ cares on request, from planning to carrying out the driving proficiency course. DMC Driving Courses provides tailor-made solutions for each individual client, taking the learning needs of the candidates and the wishes of the client into account.


Curious as to what DMC Driving Courses can do for your organisation? Please contact us via our contact page for more information or a quotation.

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