Assisting with Vaccinations

Published: 03-05-2021

Assisting with Vaccinations

Broeder de Vries Doktersdienst has recently taken on the logistical challenge surrounding the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

General practitioners were responsible for vaccinating in communes and institutions, as well vaccinating non-mobile patients in their homes. In Overijssel, Broeder de Vries has started assisting with the vaccination pilot, and since then we have been providing support for the vaccination programme at several General Practitioners’ surgeries (hereafter referred to as GP surgeries).

In order to make the vaccination process run as efficiently as possible, GP surgeries were requested to support individual GP clinics. The GP surgeries made the necessary preparations and have asked Broeder de Vries to assist in the implementation. This, we have done!

Planning the vaccinations was a challenge for the GP surgeries. The availability of vaccines, doctors, and assistants, as well as the availability of vaccination spaces in institutions, all influenced the process. Broeder de Vries was tasked with providing sufficient vehicles and drivers.

Despite occasional uncertainty in planning, each and every employee at Broeder de Vries gave their all to ensure that we were able to supply the necessary vehicles and support.

We are immeasurably proud of all our colleagues for making this possible!

During the vaccination process, our drivers have several different roles. The most important of these roles was to ensure there were enough vaccines available at vaccination sites. In addition, our colleagues assisted in vaccinating, maintaining records, supporting patients and keeping an expert eye on things during the post-vaccination wait. The drivers expressed great enthusiasm to participate in this process and great satisfaction in the fact that they have been an important facet to said process.

When vaccinating in an institution for the mentally disabled, our colleagues had a particularly unique role. Several of the residents were quite charmed by the GP surgery’s vehicles and the drivers’ uniforms. One resident, fearful of the vaccination, was placed in a vehicle by one of our colleagues and, accompanied by sirens and flashing lights, vaccinated by the GP. The presence of our colleagues, and the support and reassurance they were able to provide where necessary, ensured that the GPs could do their jobs quickly and efficiently.

All staff at Broeder de Vries are honoured to have fulfilled the role they have during the vaccination process, in collaboration with the GP surgeries and GPs, as well as the rapid upscaling to provide the required care.

Our employees are fully trained in performing assisting and supporting tasks, and utilize this training and expertise with joy and care.

Please send an email to if you would like more information on assistance with vaccinations.


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